Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mr. P's Slow Recovery

Mr. P had his doctor's appointment the other day.  The news was bittersweet.  Although there is now officially bone growth occurring, because the gaps in the broken pieces are so large, the doc says that it will be at least another 6 - 9 months before we see any real progress.  Poor Mr. P.

I think that Mr. P is becoming very frustrated, if not pissed.  He is so done with the cane and not being able to walk well on uneven surfaces.  He is done with not being able to move about freely, get up stairs, lift things, or even walk quickly enough to keep up with the rest of us.  

The novelty of the cane and annoying people with it has worn off.  He can't even get a cool cane because he needs the hospital grade to be able to hold up his weight without it snapping in half.  He can't help with our new pup because she still needs to be carried down the front steps and he can't lift her and get both himself and her down them.  And most of all, he is done with all the pain.  Every day, Mr. P pushes himself all day trying to make a living, keep himself going, and work on being able to walk and move about.  And every night, we get home and he is aching, tired and wiped out.  

On the bright side, this lesson has been well learned and headed.  Our philosophy of life has changed dramatically.  We live to get through each day, hour and minute.  We realize that "It is what it is".  We believe that all things shall pass and they will only make us stronger, and we believe that we have all that we really and truly need.  We have 2 healthy children, people who love us and a new beautiful pup who makes us smile every time we see her.  

So in the wake of bad things, I guess I believe there is always that silver lining.  We will get through this, maybe with some frustration, resentment and even a little bit of anger, but in the long run we still have each other, a good prognosis and the hopes of better days to come.  


Thinkinfyou said...

I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.