Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Family Trip

Having enough
Of the snow and ice
We thought a trip 
Might be so nice

So off we did go
Upon a great whim
Down South we did head
To visit some kin

But alas, in our world
Where nothing goes right
The weather was frigid
With frost in the night

The 30's and 40's
Degrees it did show
We were just wondering
When it would snow

The cold and the wind
Did not hinder our fun
On Safari we went
To watch Rhinos run

On airboat we went
At least there was sun
Although it was freezing
It was such great fun

The day we did leave
To come home to the ice
Wouldn't you know
The weather got nice

"Oh well, that's the breaks"
We all did lament
Come back next month
Was the general consent

So another trip South
I've got in the works
We'll get that warm weather
Wherever it lurks

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Belated Mr P

Tuesday was the 1 year anniversary of Mr. P's horrific accident. It has been one full year. In that year Mr. P has gone through so much. A recap of events is as follows:

10 days on his back in the hospital in New Hampshire - knowing first about his shattered leg and ankle and then about his broken hip.
1 day of a hellish ride home to Rhode Island - in a snowstorm with Mr. P drugged beyond recognition in the back seat - to his brother's house.
A month or 2? living at his brother's - still flat on his back. Finding out along the way at weekly intervals about the damage done to his back, soft tissue and muscle damage.
Moving home to a bed in our family room and wheelchair to get around with the occasional use of a walker to get to the commode.
Graduating from the bed in the family room to our bed and slowly to a walker, then crutches, then cane.

He is now officially walking on his own without a cane, but is still slow with an exaggerated limp.

This last year has taught me quite a bit.  I give Mr P a lot of credit with how far he has come, considering the extent of his injuries.  He has perseverance and will that is unmatched.  This year has taught me patience and serenity.  But most of all this year has taught me to be truly grateful for what I have and not to spend time on the what ifs and if onlys . . . 

I thank God every day that it was not much worse and I thank God every day for Mr. P - He is truly an amazing and very special man.

Happy Anniversary Mr. P

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It feels like forever since I last visited the Blog World.  The Holidays came and went in a whirl and our venture to Ski Country was a success.  

Even with the recession looming over our heads, Santa was VERY good to all members of our little brood, even Miss B got presents galore.  The cherubs got most of what they asked for and Mr. P and myself even got a few surprises that were truly wonderful this year.  Mine included 4 1/2 hours of massage.  Yeah Me!   

We headed up North early Christmas Day and had most of the town to ourselves.  Unfortunately, that first day, the cherubs were not able to ski because we spent it buying new skis, boots, etc. to get them set for the season.  

As you are all probably aware, although Mr. P's recovery from last season's horrific skiing accident is coming along, he is still in no shape to slap the boards on and head down the slopes.  He is still working on standing for more than 15 - 20 minutes without excruciating pain.  My heart went out to him last week, as the cherubs were racing down the slopes with sheer pleasure and gusto, Mr. P stood longingly (or actually sat) staring up and whining about not being able to join them.  He was a very good sport though, and spent the days using his new tailgating grill setup to cook everyone a hearty lunch to enjoy at noon.  Cherubs would ski right to the car, wolf down their burgers, dogs, sausage or chicken and head right back out to ski.  It ended up as a big party every day, as mountain workers, other skiers and the occasional passers-by would join us for our gourmet, tailgate lunches.  It was quite fun.  

The only damper on the week was that we got quite a bit of icy rain and it was brutally cold.  One day the temperature was actually -7 degrees - WITHOUT THE WINDCHILL!  Can  you say frostbite?!  The cherubs reminded me of the little boy from A Christmas Story, all bundled up and barely able to move, never mind hold their ski poles, get on and off the chair lift and then tuck down the mountain.  It was very comical.  

Mr. P and the cherubs will be heading back up North this weekend for some more fun in the snow.  I, on the other hand, will be happy to stay home with Little Miss B.  I have packing to do, as the following week, we are heading off to sunny Florida, for a little break from what I think of as the misery of Winter.  Sun, here I come!  

I hope you all had a great holiday and that all of your holiday wishes came true.  And I wish you all a fun-filled, love-filled, prosperous New Year.