Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Great Giveaway

As you can see, I've had much more time on my hands than usual. This has led me to the click, click, clicking my way through links from the sites in my good reads. Stumbled upon a great blog that is having a Vera Bradley cosmetics case giveaway. Even better, she is filling it with treats. Click this link and leave a comment to enter or click on The View From My Shoes under good reads to the right. Deadline is March 2. Happy entries!



I woke up this morning and I am crankier than I have ever been.  

Why am I so cranky?  I am cranky because I am tired of looking out my window at dead, brown shrubs, trees and grass (or worse, snow).  I am tired of putting socks on first thing because my feet are so damn cold.  I am tired of shaking and shivering as I step out of the shower.  And I am tired of wearing a gazillion and 3 layers of clothing so I can't even move my arms and yet, ironically am still NOT warm.  I am tired of New England and its 2 months of decent weather.  I NEED TO MOVE!

I have told this to Mr. P over and over and over and over again.  He doesn't listen.  He and darling cherubs love New England.  They love the cold and they love the snow.  I think they even like all the rain.  They don't want to move.  Ever.  

Mr. P promised me that when we retire, it will be to St. John (my favorite place), but I don't think he will ever retire.  I think I just might be a New Englander until I die.  And that thought my friends, makes me even more cranky!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Preppy Princess Giveaway

Another fabulous Lilly giveaway is going on over at The Preppy Princess. They are giving away adorable Lilly coffee mugs and a really great mousepad too. Click here to link to the post and leave a comment.

And while you are over there, be sure to check out their other great products!

Another Giveaway - YEAH!

While clicking my way through my "Good Reads" and following a few links out there in blogland, I was directed to a blog I had not seen recently.  It is cute and fun and even better, she is hosting a Lilly Stationary Giveaway!

All you have to do, is click this link (or find Preppy Little Dress under my Good Reads to the right) and go to PLD's 300th Post Giveaway from February 25, 2009 and leave a comment.  Yup, it's just that easy! 

And as usual, I'd say Good Luck, but yet again - I REALLY WANT TO WIN!

Reminders All Around Me

I had my annual physical yesterday.  And it made me laugh.  I love my doctor.  She is always very thorough, doesn't rush me and is (or at least pretends to be) as interested in my emotional and financial states as well as my physical.  It is also great because it is like one-stop shopping.  I can get my physical, pap and most everything else all done within the hour under one roof.  No multiple stops, doctors or appointments.  But that is not what made me laugh.

You see, the irony occurred to me as I lie on the table, clad in a beautiful and truly fashionable paper gown.  The doctor had gone over the usual stuff.  Weight, height, breathing, blood pressure, questions about my emotional state.  She was in the process of that ever dignified procedure of the pap smear and was babbling on about her cold hands when she said, "You know, you are going to be 40 this year."  Like I actually was NOT aware of this fact. 

"Um, yeah."  

"Well, I'm going to give you a script for a mammogram."


"And I want blood work done - you can do that today, right here, after you get dressed." (Again, the joy of one-stop shopping)


"And you should really start seeing a dermatologist regularly.  Oh, and I'm giving you a script for an epipen - you have some food allergies and you know, just to be safe."

"Ok" was my response, but I was really thinking, "What?  An epipen?  I've had allergies since I was a Sophomore in college and you never found the need to prescribe me an epipen before!"  But I didn't. 

And with that, she screwed my DNA infested Q-tip into the little canister to go to the lab, said "You can get dressed at your leisure," and shut the door behind her.  This is when I laughed.

You see, I realized that after spending most of my free time searching out the anti-aging creams, the fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories that will make me feel young and thin, the makeup that will cover age spots, under-eye circles, crow's feet, laugh lines, discoloration, and all but my nostrils so I can breathe - Putting it all together just so - And then finally stepping back, taking a look and feeling youthful and fresh and glowing - there is always the reminder.  The reminder that I am aging.  

This is what my doctor's appointment did for me.  Instead of the quick exam, the "Everything looks great, I'll see you next year," I got the litany of all the appointments, referrals, tests and prescriptions that are usually reserved for the aged in our society.   And it hit me.  One more reminder in my world full of reminders that I am getting old.  

Well, maybe not old, but older.  Old enough to jump up to the next box on the age bracket line when filling out forms.  Old enough that I haven't been carded to buy liquor in about 10 years.  Old enough that young women and men at CVS, the grocery store, pumping gas, etc . . . call me "Ma'am.  And the worst of all, old enough that when I am walking through the mall or down the street with my 22 year old, blond, blue-eyed niece and men and boys alike stare, I know that it is definitely not me they are looking at.  These are just a few of the reminders in my everyday life that aging happens.  And it made me laugh.  Just realizing all this.  I laughed.  

So, I tell  you now, that I have decided to embrace my age.  I will still buy the fashionable clothes and accessories that catch my eye.  And I will still search for the perfect creams and makeup.  But I will no longer do it with the expectation of turning back the clock or the despair that comes with realizing that my new $150.00 "Miracle Cream" is really no miracle at all.  I will do it so I feel good about me and how I look at 40.  I will do it to accentuate my age and not hide it.  And I will laugh while I do all this, because if you ask me . . . I look pretty darn good for 40!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Trip #2

So quick School Vacation
Did upon us descend
"Days off from school,"
I thought "When will this end"

Skiing is what
We'd so like to do
So up North we did go
with the kids and our zoo

2 families we crammed
In a 3 bed, 2 bath
8 people, 2 dogs
You do the math

With Mr P still recovering
from his year ago spill
No skiing for him
With the kids on the hill

A grill he did bring
To cook gourmet lunch
In the snow and the cold
We stood and did munch

Miss B and her love
Big Hinckley the dog
Frolicked in snow
And pranced through the fog

16 inches of snow
Fell on the small town
Made for great skiing
But mom sure did frown

Shopping the outlets
Deals on pants, belts and shirts
But as soon as we got there
The call - "My leg hurts"

Back to the mountain
To pick up the young
Head home to do laundry
And pick up dog dung

Down goes the baby
He needs a long nap
The cherubs exclaim
"To Zeb's, We want crap!"

To Zeb's to buy candy
Back to the hill with this bunch
To pick up the skiiers
That stayed after lunch

On the way home
In a car smelling ripe
I listened to all
File each one's new gripe

"I'm hungry, you smell
I'm cold, no I'm hot!"
"Do you have a tissue?"
"Ew, you've got snot!"

"Why do we do this?"
I asked so darn grim
My girlfriend just sighed
and gave me a grin

And so it did go
Day in and day out
When time came to go home
"Yippee!" I did shout

As much as I gripe
And grump and do hiss
Their smiles and laughing
Is a true state of bliss

So facing the cold
And snow and no sun
It all was worthwhile
For some big family fun

A great time was had
Both families agreed
We'll speak to each other
Again when there's heat

Friday, February 13, 2009



Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stealing From "Dirty Little Secret"

Last night, I finally had time to catch up on some of my favorite blog reads. I commented on one of Dirty Little Secret's posts. I swear sometimes reading what she writes is like looking in a mirror.

Anyway, I decided to scarf the idea of her post and use my comment for today's entry. The title of her post was "Is There A Difference Between Mommy and Servant" and discusses what children should be doing for themselves and at what age certain things should be expected.

It seems that many moms today tend to do so many things for their children that maybe the kids could be doing on their own. I think this leads to dependence and an incredible sense of privilege for said children.

I have 2 children. Ages 14 and 11. For the last 10 (at least) years, Dear Mother and I have had an ongoing battle. Dear Mother is of the old fashioned sort. She made me a brown bag lunch every day when I was in high school. Accepted my bouncing from living on my own to moving back home during my college years and always taking care of my every need no matter where I happened to be living. And I swear, she continued to do my laundry after I was married. It was like a cleaning delivery service, only free. To this day, even when we "visit", Dear Mother is running about making sure we are OK. "Do you need a drink?" "Are you hungry?" "What can I get/do for you?" As wonderful as this is, for me and my family, it predicated my entering the matrimonial state with nary a clue!

In a partial insanity of wanting my children to be self-sufficient if there should be a worst case scenario catastrophe and a partial (I admit) pure sense of laziness, I have expected A LOT from my children from a very early age. Hence, I think Dear Mother thinks I am a terrible mom.

I have a whole laundry list of terrible mom ways, but the following are a few of the most irksome to Dear Mother:

I have not made my children breakfast or lunch in at least 5 years
They are to wake themselves EVERY morning and will be in big trouble should they miss the bus
They are NOT to wake me, if I should still be sleeping, except to say goodbye (which is mandatory)
I do not pick out outfits, iron clothes or pack backpacks
Plus . . . oh so much more . . . And this has been our way of life for a very long time.

As terrible as this all sounds, I truly believe my children are better off because of all this. My son can make a killer Grilled chicken with caramelized onions over fettucine in a white wine sauce. If he does not win the love of a female with his amazing culinary skills, his ironing perfection will surely do her in. And if all else fails, he will at least be a neat, well-nourished bachelor.

My daughter can whip up an egg sandwich for breakfast, brown bag a lunch, shower, get dressed and pack up her backpack, feed the dog and let her out in a mere 20 minutes. She has it down to a science.

At the end of it all, I get gently roused from slumber to "Bye mom, have a good day, we love you." And there you have it, I sleep through the fighting and the demands. I sleep through the "I wants, I needs, Go gets". So although, I am sure that many moms out there would disagree with me, and are probably appalled by my terrible mom ways, I truly believe that my children are self-sufficient, better off and happier for it. Which definitely makes me better off and happier for it. And you know what they say . . .

A Happy Mama Makes For A Happy Family!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sew Girlie Tote Giveaway

Sew Girlie is giving away these adorable totes (I was going to put up a pic, but blogger doesn't want to cooperate today). Email them at and let them know how you would design your very own tote. Pick out your fabric, ribbon, monogram, etc. let them know what it is and you could be the lucky owner of this fabulous go everywhere tote.

The winner will be picked on February 23 and don't forget to put Gifting Gumshoe Tote Giveaway on the subject line.

Special Thanks to Jessica from Gifting Gumshoe - Please visit her sight to see photos for all these amazing giveaways.

Good luck!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Great Giveaway from The Gifting Gumshoe

Another great giveaway going on is at Lauren Nicole. Check out the beautiful necklace - and just in time for Valentine's Day!

Leave a comment at The Gifting Gumshoe to be entered into the contest.

The contest ends February 15 and the winner is drawn February 16.
I'd say Good Luck, but I kind of want it for myself :)

Lilly Lover's Must See

Lilly lovers - Must See!
Lilly Pulitzer Stationary Giveaway

The Preppy Princess is having a Lilly mix & match stationary giveaway. Just click on this link and leave a comment to enter! It's just that easy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Marley & Me

I just finished reading Marley & Me.  I have to say, I was more than a little disappointed.  I have been dying to see the movie from all the hype.  All the people I have spoken to have said it was great.  And, of course, what a tear-jerker it was.  

I am not saying that I did not have the tears in my eyes and the lump in my throat at the end of the book.  Because, honestly,  I did.  But, I would have had the same reaction had the book been written about a cat, turtle or even maybe a snake.  A pet is a pet is a pet.  AND NOTHING feels as bad as losing one.  Even losing a human counterpart, I truly believe, is not as hard as losing a pet.  And with every ounce of sympathy in me, I felt for that family - I felt for them truly and deeply.  Now here comes the however . . . 

However, the story is supposedly about the world's worst dog, and the life lessons he teaches his family.  In reading this story, I was waiting for the truly horrific things that would set this animal apart from many (if not the majority) of everyone else's family pets.  They never came.  Yes, there were definitely some slap your knee funny moments in the book and some pretty extraordinary tales about the damage Marley managed to created, don't get me wrong.  But, I have heard about and seen MUCH worse.  

All in all, the book was actually a good read.  Not extraordinary, but good.  I am not sad that I read it and do not feel as if I wasted my time.  But, I think that I was expecting so much more from it because of everything I have heard.  I hate that.  People should not be allowed to hype up movies or books.  It is always such a let down when I actually read or see them.  

As for Marley & Me - it definitely makes you think about your own mortality and the short-lived span of life with a pet.  Although Little Miss B is not even 1 yet, I found myself glancing up from my book every so often, wondering how I will ever cope when her time comes.  And truth be told, Marley's biggest life lesson, for me anyway, is that we should all embrace each moment and live it to the fullest.  This for me, has always been incredibly hard.  I tend to overthink, overanalyze and fret about everything - just a bit too much.  By the time my decisions are made, it is usually a day late and a dollar short.  So, I have vowed to embrace Marley's lessons and make the effort to live in the moment a little more and try to let the control and analytical side of me take a back seat sometimes. 

Who knows, it just might work.