Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Free Jewelry?

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Question For The Masses

Ok, maybe not the masses, but for the 1 or 2 readers that occasionally click my way.

A while back, our family ventured out to try a new Italian Restaurant. It was one of those little, out of the way, dumpy-divey kind of places that has AMAZING Italian food. Anyway, they had the cafe candles in the wine bottles as decor on the center of each table and Littlest Cherub thought this was just grand.

Even better, she looked at me with that certain kind of awe that only a child can look at you with (you know, the you are so smart and amazing look) when I told her that I knew how to make them and we could do one at home.

So home we went and rummaged through our rarely used liquor cabinet, (When I say rarely used, I mean RARELY!  Mr. P keeps his favorites in a different, more convenient spot - So our actual "liquor cabinet" boasts bottles that date back to when The Pilgrims arrived in New England.) After much moving, tossing and sniffing, we found the perfect bottle. It is one of the wine bottles in a basket. PERFECT! 

We proceeded to unceremoniously dump the chunks, yes chunks, of wine down the drain and rinse it out and then went on our search for various colored candles to burn over the course of the next few weeks to create our beautiful centerpiece.

So, here is where my question comes in to play. You see, it has now been about 8 months and we still do not have the lovely centerpiece we envisioned.  The problem we are having is that all of the wonderful candles we have so vigorously burned are of the "Non-drip" variety. We have resorted to using 2 advent candles shoved into the top of the bottle at just the right angles in order to get any drippage at all. As much as I love pink and purple, Littlest Cherub was envisioning a kaleidoscope of color and not the random drippings that have ensued.

I have searched high and low for drippy candles. I have been to the Home Goods stores, Bed & Bath stores, Christmas Tree and Dollar stores and many, many more. I always look while out and about in my travels and can't seem to find candles that will actually drip - do they even make them any more?

So, today I am asking for your help . . . if any of you knows about a place where I can get different colored candles that ACTUALLY DRIP, please let me know - as you will certainly make Littlest Cherub a VERY happy little camper!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Art Nest Pincushion Ring GIVEAWAY!!!!

And last but not least . . . Grosgrain Fabulous is also giving away not one, but three Art Nest Pincushion Rings. Click the below link to see them and enter.

I have to admit, I really would have no use for one of these, as I am soooo not domestic by any stretch of the imagination and have no idea what I would ever use a pincushion for, but . . . they are so cool and wild looking, I still want one - Just Because! Giveaway ends May 10.

Swanki Hats GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grosgrain Fabulous is apparently getting her friends in on the giveaway action as well. Her 2 friends over at Swanki Hats are offering up the following Swanki Hats Giveaway. Just click the link below . . . Giveaway ends May 6.

Simple Skirts GIVEAWAY!!!!

Be sure not to leave your little one out in the cold. Grosgrain Fabulous is giving away the cutest skirts for girls too. Skirt fits girls, ages 3-6. Giveaway ends May 3. Just click on the Simply Skirts GIVEAWAY link above to enter.

Picnic Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

What a great Mother's Day gift to yourself. . . Grosgrain Fabulous is giving away an adorable picnic frock. Click on the Picnic Frock link below to enter and also to check out her other great stuff (and more giveaways to boot!) Giveaway ends May 8.

Giveaways Again

Muffy Martini and The Preppy Princess have joined forces and are hosting an amazing Lilly Party Pack, yes friends, I said "Lilly", giveaway. You know the drill. Click here to see all the rules! But hurry, you only have until Friday.

Also, poor Pink Cupcake apparently doesn't know her size, and to the benefit of the rest of us out here in blogger's world is hosting a Ball & Buck T-shirt Giveaway - I just got mine from them the other day and wore it this weekend - so comfy and cute - I got many compliments. Anyhoo, click here to enter and check out the adorable shirt (it's a size medium) Giveaway ends May 1, at noon.


Check out Lauren Nicole Gifts for her adorable Vera Bradley Giveaway. I ask you, how is it possible for these people to continue to outdo themselves with these Giveaways?? I am starting to hate posting about them because that always means less of a chance for me to win! Just kidding . . . Click, Click, Click to find out more - Giveaway ends Thursday, April 30.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The World's Meanest Parents

It is official - I am the World's Meanest Mom!  And Mr. P is the World's Meanest Dad!

As you might recall, in a previous post, I had written about the fact that I have been particularly cranky lately.  My crankiness is due a little bit to the drudgery of daily life, a lot to do with the terrible weather the lovely New England "Spring" brings us, but mostly because my Dear Cherubs have been monstrously horrible.

Over the last few months, they have screamed, sworn, threatened and even have actually resorted to physical violence with each other.  Not only have they been terrible to each other, but they have all of a sudden developed a sense of privilege conveniently smack dab in the middle of the largest recession Mr. P and I have ever been faced with in our household.  Just as Mr. P is telling me to "Tighten up the belt strap", the "I wants, I needs, Go gets" have reached an all time high. 

I think that Dear Cherubs truly believe that whatever the request, Mr. P and I should grant it immediately, without hesitation and ask, "Would you care for anything else, my dears?"  They have also apparently developed the opinion that although Mom and Dad MUST grant every wish, they, on the other hand, have no obligation to do anything requested of them and that is only if the knowledge of our existence is even deemed fit.  

So you see why I am cranky.  Have Mr. P and I been so lackadaisical as to have created these monsters?  I would hope not.  We were going along just fine and all of a sudden, as if by sheer magic, their personalities have been replaced with these frightening alter egos.  Some of our friends, when queried about this horrible change, chalk it up to the "Teenage Years" . . . Dear God, Littlest Cherub is only 12 - if this is the "Teenage Years", I need to start looking into Boarding Schools NOW!

So I have grown crankier and crankier . . . and finally, the other day I told Mr. P that this must end . . . NOW.  So down we sat, and at first stared blankly at each other, both at a loss of how to fix this mess.  

Then, after a while, Mr. P says, "I got it, we take away their lives."

"We CAN NOT kill our children . . . it's illegal if we get caught." (JOKE!  I didn't really say that)
I actually replied, "Take away their lives?  Huh?"

"Yup, every pleasure they have, we start with one week and extend it if we have to.  Teach them that they get nothing if they give nothing."

So that very day, we drew up the "new" rules.  That evening at dinner, we read and reread them with Dear Cherubs.  We asked if they had any questions, we asked if they understood these rules 100%, we asked if they realized that there was NO room for negotiation . . . 

After many tears, a lot of yelling, and about a gazillion "That's not fairs", they said yes, they understood them, no, they had no questions and they still thought it was unfair that there was no room for negotiation.  And then we all signed "The Rules".  We told the children that the signatures made "The Rules" a legal binding document and we could use them in family court if we had to.  Yes, I told you we are officially the meanest parents in the world.

So here you have them, "The Rules" - My Dear Cherubs new way of life for at least one week.

For one full week - 7 days - you will come home and do the following:  EVERY DAY

1.  Immediately do homework and have a QUICK snack
2.  SAMANTHA will check on rabbit and replace food, water, litter and clean cage
3.  Clean upstairs bathroom of debris left from your morning showers
4.  Go directly to bedrooms and if they are not picked up, do so immediately
5.  You are allowed to read or stare at the walls, THAT IS ALL
6.  NO DOORS ARE TO BE SHUT - You are not allowed to speak to each other
7.  You are to do all things requested by mom or dad immediately, without complaint

You are NOT to speak to each other for ANY reason for the entire week unless told to do so.
If you do, your punishment will be extended.

There will be NONE of the following:
TV - this includes EVERY TV in the house
Cell Phones
Computer or Telephone use
Ipods, Playstations, Wii, Nintendos, or any other electronic devices - You may READ
JP - loss of ALL Air Soft Guns and ammunition
You will not be allowed to spend time with friends or make any plans.  
You will only do the things mom and dad say you may do with us.

You will NOT request items back, argue, whine, complain, cry negotiate or make ANY comments regarding your punishment.  You will behave in a kind, considerate way and will not make faces, noises or comments under your breath.  IF YOU DO ANY OF THESE THINGS - YOUR PUNISHMENT WILL BE EXTENDED

When the full duration of this punishment is done, you will be on PROBATION for an indefinite timeframe.
Be VERY aware that these rules may come back into effect at any moment and for any extended length of time.  

So, as I said before - I am officially the Meanest Mom in the world and Mr. P is the meanest Dad in the world.  I have so many mixed thoughts about this punishment, but I am agreeing to do it with Mr. P in the hopes to get my Dear Cherubs back and be rid of these alter egos.  So, I truly want to know.  How truly terrible are we?  Tell me what you think.  

By the way - We are now on Day 4 of "The Rules" and I do hate to admit it, but the silence and stillness every afternoon has been a wonderful thing.   

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Monongrammed Tahoe Giveaway

I told you all that I would continue to post about the Great Giveaways I find, I just didn't think it would be so soon. Anyhoo, Preppy Paper Girl posted about some Great Giveaways this week, one of which is a monogrammed beach pail from My Monogrammed Tahoe. The pails are soooo cute! Click here to enter to win one and mention that Preppy Paper Girl sent you and she will throw in a free set of 24 personalized calling cards. How great is that? A 2 for 1 deal!

And if you are interested in checking out any of Preppy Paper Girl's other Giveaway finds, click here and check it out.

Almost forgot, Pail Giveaway ends Saturday, 4/25 . . . Good Luck!

The Real Deal - About Me

Although I love posting about all the great Giveaways I find out here in blogland and will continue to do so on a regular basis ( I mean, come on, who doesn't love free stuff?) That is not why I started blogging. I've been thinking about how I have not done a "real" post in a while and I can tell you, it is not because I have run out of things to say.

I actually started this blog a little over a year ago for the simple reason that I needed a place where I could vent, ramble, muse and sometimes even rant and rave. If any of you have followed me since the beginning, you know about Mr. P's skiing accident. It was a very bad accident and a VERY LONG year for us. I was feeling a little depressed, a little pent up and a lot confused and scared about our world and our future. I was looking for a safe haven to tell Mr. P's story with a few little anecdotes about our life in Suburbia along the way. Hence, the name "Getting Here From There".

I started out with a vengeance and had something to muse about almost every day. And then I started to feel guilty. You see, much of my posting is about my family and the silly, little things they do that drive me crazy. We all know that it is the foibles of those around us and the trials and tribulations we endure every day that make for a good story. I try to rant and rave and muse about our adventure called life honestly and with a sense of humor (although, my humor may be admittedly dark for some) and along the way, I have apparently offended or insulted some of my family members. My posts were not barbs at them or digs at who they are. Just observations on how we are all different and do things in different ways.

I recently realized that at some point, I started to sensor myself. I would find myself changing wording, editing sentences and deleting entire posts before they were even saved as a draft, never mind published. I would read and reread that day's post, wondering if Dear Mother would take offense or if other beloved family members would find my post to be a little bit mean or derogatory. So, over the past month or so, there have been no posts. My sensoring system has run amok.

No worries Dear Friends, I am not in a full blown chronic depression or anything and I truly live a blessed, wonderful, happy life. I have an amazing husband and 2 healthy and happy children and we are doing great - I would even venture to say that we are doing better than most.
BUT . . . families are not perfect. Life is not perfect. And the most absolute of all, WEATHER is not perfect. These things combined with the day to day goings-on and what I like to refer to as the Drudgery of Suburban Life sometimes make me cranky. They sometimes make me want to scream. And lately, I have been very cranky and screaming. I have had a lot to write about, but with my newly found Overdriven Sensoring Program, I have not written at all.

So, I have decided to shut down my sensoring system and write, vent, muse and rant and rave. Back to business as usual. As I said earlier, this blog was started as an outlet for myself and my thoughts. I didn't even know what followers were. It was a place for me to be me without any airs, falsities or concerns about being judged. And somewhere along the way, I feel like I lost that freedom and I allowed it to happen.

As I look back at what I have written today, I see that my "simple" explanation of why I have not done a "real" post has turned into a post in and of itself. So, I will leave my original post for later.

But, I leave you with this . . . for those of you who take offense at little things or judge easily, then maybe this is not the blog for you. I try to post my opinions, feelings and views on life and family honestly and with a sense of humor and I will not sensor that - it is what I think, feel and am. I started this blog for me. I will continue to write for me. If you read and enjoy my musings and anecdotes - Welcome to my ride called Life. If not? Check back in a couple of days - there may be more Giveaways . . .

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Giveaways - Will I Ever Post Something of My Own Again?

OK, so I was all ready to attempt a "Real" post today, as it has been quite the time since I actually had to think about what to write. BUT . . . as usual, I decided to browse through my Good Reads first and lo and behold, guess what I found?! More Giveaways! Check out the Giveaways below and be sure to head on over and enter for the great gifts being offered. Happy Reading and Good Luck . . .

Lulu and Daisy have outdone themselves for their last Giveaway in April. Follow this link to enter for a great gift pack. It includes a key fob, wine stoppers, koozies and more! But hurry, as usual, the Giveaway ends Thursday night!

Be Write There is a new site I found through Lulu and Daisy (I guess they are going into the Giveaway Posting business too) they are giving away the cutest Scout Cooler and ribbon tumblers. Click here to check it out and enter. Giveaway ends Saturday, 4/25.

Hopsy over at Monograms and Manicures has teamed up with La Plates and is doing an adorable summer giveaway. These plates and platters are definitely great for anywhere use from your kitchen to poolside. Click here to check out the plates, leave your comments and see the rules. Giveaway ends Friday, 4/24.

Lilly P. Wannabe ad My Flip Flopz have teamed up for this great giveaway. Click here to check out the adorable hand painted sign you could win and to get the full instructions on how to enter. This Giveaway also ends Friday, 4/24.

As usual, if you have any problems with the links - you can always use the ones under Good Reads on the right.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More More More . . .

Thank God for Giveaways!  

As you have all probably noticed, I have had nothing to say lately and at least these fabulous Giveaways keep me blogging!  The following are just a few that I've found today . . . 

Win one of these awesome monogrammed towels.  Misadventures of a Newlywed has these great towels listed on her April 15 post.  I know EVERYBODY could use one of these this summer.
  Giveaway ends April 19 at midnight.  

Pop on over and check it out . . .  Frill Seekers Gifts is having a great giveaway in honor of their 100th post.  This Great Giveaway ends Sunday as well.  

Lulu and Daisy are having their third Friday Giveaway this week.  Check out these great drawer pulls - you can win one of the existing designs, or have your very own custom made. 

Lauren Nicole is giving away this Lilly bag - just in time for some brightness on our dreary days (at least here in New England) - Check it out at her blog and click on her link to enter - it's that easy!  Giveaway ends at Midnight, April 23.

You know the drill - click, click, click and Good Luck!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yup, Another Giveaway

Check out the giveaway over at Etiquette With Miss Janice.

Can you believe it? Gucci shoes. These giveaways only get better and better. I can't believe they are the only things I have actually been posting about lately. Maybe I should go into the "Giveaway Link" business. The sad, but very true fact is that with all these giveaways I have posted about, can you believe that I have not actually won ANYTHING yet? Nope . . . Nothing . . . Nada . . . Zilch . . . Zero . . . you get the drift. Maybe this will be the lucky post. I mean come on, Gucci Shoes . . . A girl can dream.

Oh yeah, Giveaway ends Tuesday, April 14. You know the drill, click here or on the link under Good Reads. And Good Luck, although, I'm not sure I really mean it this time.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

MMM Giveaway

Another fabulous giveaway!!   Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan is giving away the cutest preppy necklaces to 5, yes ladies, 5 lucky winners.

Click here or on her link under Good Reads to visit and leave a comment to enter.  Giveaway ends April 9!  Good Luck!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Flip Flopz Chalkboard Giveaway

My Flop Flopz is having another adorable giveaway.  Click here and leave a comment on her post letting her know that DMLD from Getting Here from There sent you.  Hurry - contest ends tomorrow at 8 p.m.

Misadventures Giveaway

Click on over to Misadventures of a Newlywed and leave a comment on her post to win this adorable Kate Spade book.  But hurry, giveaway ends tomorrow at noon!