Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Question For The Masses

Ok, maybe not the masses, but for the 1 or 2 readers that occasionally click my way.

A while back, our family ventured out to try a new Italian Restaurant. It was one of those little, out of the way, dumpy-divey kind of places that has AMAZING Italian food. Anyway, they had the cafe candles in the wine bottles as decor on the center of each table and Littlest Cherub thought this was just grand.

Even better, she looked at me with that certain kind of awe that only a child can look at you with (you know, the you are so smart and amazing look) when I told her that I knew how to make them and we could do one at home.

So home we went and rummaged through our rarely used liquor cabinet, (When I say rarely used, I mean RARELY!  Mr. P keeps his favorites in a different, more convenient spot - So our actual "liquor cabinet" boasts bottles that date back to when The Pilgrims arrived in New England.) After much moving, tossing and sniffing, we found the perfect bottle. It is one of the wine bottles in a basket. PERFECT! 

We proceeded to unceremoniously dump the chunks, yes chunks, of wine down the drain and rinse it out and then went on our search for various colored candles to burn over the course of the next few weeks to create our beautiful centerpiece.

So, here is where my question comes in to play. You see, it has now been about 8 months and we still do not have the lovely centerpiece we envisioned.  The problem we are having is that all of the wonderful candles we have so vigorously burned are of the "Non-drip" variety. We have resorted to using 2 advent candles shoved into the top of the bottle at just the right angles in order to get any drippage at all. As much as I love pink and purple, Littlest Cherub was envisioning a kaleidoscope of color and not the random drippings that have ensued.

I have searched high and low for drippy candles. I have been to the Home Goods stores, Bed & Bath stores, Christmas Tree and Dollar stores and many, many more. I always look while out and about in my travels and can't seem to find candles that will actually drip - do they even make them any more?

So, today I am asking for your help . . . if any of you knows about a place where I can get different colored candles that ACTUALLY DRIP, please let me know - as you will certainly make Littlest Cherub a VERY happy little camper!


Anonymous said...

My little ones also love the drippy candle bottles, and having lived in Germany and had, ahem, *lots* of Riesling, we have the opportunity to make quite a few.

I get mine from this website:

They're only 0.95 a piece and come in a variety of colors. I hope this helps!

Miss Janice said...

This is so funny...when I lived in Palm Springs a few years ago, I wanted a "drippy look" for those fancy blue water bottles with white candles scattered all over the patio table. I spent countless hours and used tons of candles trying to "get the look I wanted." I'm no help!