Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Trip #2

So quick School Vacation
Did upon us descend
"Days off from school,"
I thought "When will this end"

Skiing is what
We'd so like to do
So up North we did go
with the kids and our zoo

2 families we crammed
In a 3 bed, 2 bath
8 people, 2 dogs
You do the math

With Mr P still recovering
from his year ago spill
No skiing for him
With the kids on the hill

A grill he did bring
To cook gourmet lunch
In the snow and the cold
We stood and did munch

Miss B and her love
Big Hinckley the dog
Frolicked in snow
And pranced through the fog

16 inches of snow
Fell on the small town
Made for great skiing
But mom sure did frown

Shopping the outlets
Deals on pants, belts and shirts
But as soon as we got there
The call - "My leg hurts"

Back to the mountain
To pick up the young
Head home to do laundry
And pick up dog dung

Down goes the baby
He needs a long nap
The cherubs exclaim
"To Zeb's, We want crap!"

To Zeb's to buy candy
Back to the hill with this bunch
To pick up the skiiers
That stayed after lunch

On the way home
In a car smelling ripe
I listened to all
File each one's new gripe

"I'm hungry, you smell
I'm cold, no I'm hot!"
"Do you have a tissue?"
"Ew, you've got snot!"

"Why do we do this?"
I asked so darn grim
My girlfriend just sighed
and gave me a grin

And so it did go
Day in and day out
When time came to go home
"Yippee!" I did shout

As much as I gripe
And grump and do hiss
Their smiles and laughing
Is a true state of bliss

So facing the cold
And snow and no sun
It all was worthwhile
For some big family fun

A great time was had
Both families agreed
We'll speak to each other
Again when there's heat


Chris said...

That was awesome! :) I actually ENJOYED hearing about someone else's family vacation (even if I did read it through a haze of green). :)