Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Belated Mr P

Tuesday was the 1 year anniversary of Mr. P's horrific accident. It has been one full year. In that year Mr. P has gone through so much. A recap of events is as follows:

10 days on his back in the hospital in New Hampshire - knowing first about his shattered leg and ankle and then about his broken hip.
1 day of a hellish ride home to Rhode Island - in a snowstorm with Mr. P drugged beyond recognition in the back seat - to his brother's house.
A month or 2? living at his brother's - still flat on his back. Finding out along the way at weekly intervals about the damage done to his back, soft tissue and muscle damage.
Moving home to a bed in our family room and wheelchair to get around with the occasional use of a walker to get to the commode.
Graduating from the bed in the family room to our bed and slowly to a walker, then crutches, then cane.

He is now officially walking on his own without a cane, but is still slow with an exaggerated limp.

This last year has taught me quite a bit.  I give Mr P a lot of credit with how far he has come, considering the extent of his injuries.  He has perseverance and will that is unmatched.  This year has taught me patience and serenity.  But most of all this year has taught me to be truly grateful for what I have and not to spend time on the what ifs and if onlys . . . 

I thank God every day that it was not much worse and I thank God every day for Mr. P - He is truly an amazing and very special man.

Happy Anniversary Mr. P


Anonymous said...

Somehow I think this experience has changed you more than Mr. P. Keep up the good work.

Chris said...

Wow! I agree. He is a very special man.

You must be a very special person as well to have held your world together through all this.