Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Family Trip

Having enough
Of the snow and ice
We thought a trip 
Might be so nice

So off we did go
Upon a great whim
Down South we did head
To visit some kin

But alas, in our world
Where nothing goes right
The weather was frigid
With frost in the night

The 30's and 40's
Degrees it did show
We were just wondering
When it would snow

The cold and the wind
Did not hinder our fun
On Safari we went
To watch Rhinos run

On airboat we went
At least there was sun
Although it was freezing
It was such great fun

The day we did leave
To come home to the ice
Wouldn't you know
The weather got nice

"Oh well, that's the breaks"
We all did lament
Come back next month
Was the general consent

So another trip South
I've got in the works
We'll get that warm weather
Wherever it lurks


Gifting Gumshoe said...

Sorry about the cold weather! Thank you for your comment that you left, I will keep an eye out for an email from her!

Anonymous said...

I often wonder why
You ryme all the time

I guess your a poet
and don't even know it

Chris said...

Too bad it was cold, but it sure did look like you were having fun!

And speaking of fun, the way your wrote the story was wonderful! :) I had to pop back over tonight to read it again! Really creative. :)