Monday, September 15, 2008

Sushi Driven

My family loves Sushi.  Any Sushi.  All Sushi.  Whenever we are discussing our dining options, Sushi inevitably hits the top of the list.  Not that I mind Japanese food, I do like it on occasion.  However, I am allergic to seafood.  Very allergic.  When we hit the Japanese restaurants, I find that many times my food options can be somewhat limited.  Yes, we have found some restaurants that are not Japanese that serve Sushi, but to my brood, it somehow is just not the same.  

Anyhow, as you all know, Friday was Dear Hubby and my anniversary.  We were going out to dinner to celebrate.  Little cherubs decided that they wanted to come too.  Why stay home and eat fast food or microwave meals, when we can go and eat the veritable feast?  This is how my entire family thinks.  I am the only mom in the USA and maybe the world over that gets moans, groans and sometimes downright anger when offering up the unhealthy but quick "Let's get McDonald's" option.  From Dear Hubby to Littlest Cherub, they must, I repeat, MUST have the full meal with salad, carb, meat, and at least 2 or 3 other veggie dishes at supper to be satiated and happy.  

When dining out, our dinner bill is usually grounds for re-mortgaging the house.  There will be no kiddie meals for my youngsters.  We usually order an appetizer, a soup or salad, the entree (consisting of Prime Rib, Lamb, Veal and anything or everything in between) Why, oh why can my children not just order Chicken like everybody else.  

Anyway, I digress.  Mr. P and little cherubs LOVE Sushi.  In a conversation that lasted longer than the meal itself, we tried to decide where to go to celebrate our wonderful day.  Many options were thrown about.  Many options were close to home.  Many options were very affordable for a family of four.  But then it was mentioned . . . 

"I know" states eldest cherub, "Let's go to that buffet place that has all that Sushi."
"Yeahs"  All Around - expect from mom.  Remember?  I can't eat Sushi.  But being the loving and doting wife and mother, I calmly say, "Sure, but that is a 1 1/2 hour ride, it's raining.  Do you really want to drive all that way for Sushi?"  This question is in hopes that Dear Hubby will catch the drift and reply with a "No Way, that's much too far, let's go somewhere closer to home that has food mom can actually eat."  NO SUCH LUCK!

His reply - "Absolutely, we're not in any rush - let's go!  But, you'll have to drive, I'm having a tough day."  Mr. P was feeling some pretty bad pain in injured areas that day, I think the weather may have played a large part in that.  

So our little family of 4 piled into the car and with me at the wheel braving wind and rain started out on our 1 1/2 hour trek to get Sushi.  Dear hubby decided to go shortest route instead of fastest on our handy little GPS, so our 1 1/2 hour highway, traffic-free trek turned into a 2 hour lovely yet stop and go scenic tour of much of Massachusetts and MOST of Rhode Island.  We left at 5:00 p.m.  Arriving at 7:00 p.m., family jumps out of the car and rushes the restaurant, (It has been at least 3 hours since they last ate.  They might wither away or something if they do not get in there fast.) leaving dear old mom to park the car and get to the restaurant alone, in the pouring rain, with no umbrella.  

Upon entering the restaurant, family is nowhere to be seen.  I wander about aimlessly for a few minutes until I see Mr. P sitting alone at a table in a corner.  
"Where are the kids?"
"Up at the buffet."
"They wanted Sushi."
"Ya Think?!  Are you all set? Do you need a plate?"
"Sure, just grab whatever, and if you see the Spider Crab Sushi, get a lot of that."

So, off I go in search of "Whatever" and Spider Crab Sushi for Mr. P, and whatever I can find of interest for myself.  I must say that this particular restaurant has THE LARGEST buffet I have ever seen.  If you can't find something to eat, you are definitely not trying.  It is all Japanese food, but they have everything you can ever possibly imagine, so at least there is a substantial choice of options for my meal.  

Upon return to the table with Mr. P's plate heaping full, I realize that he already has 2 plates (more heaping full than the one in my hand) in front of him.  Wonderful cherubs took care of dad.  Both children knew he didn't feel great and took it upon themselves to load up plates to bring back to him.  They do surprise me sometimes.  

"That is just gross.  You are never going to finish all this."
"Wanna Bet?"  And in he digs.  

After about 20 trips back and forth to the Sushi section of the buffet and about 200 pieces of Sushi later, eldest cherub declares that he believes he has an actual baby Tuna growing in his belly and he thinks he may be done eating.  Littlest Cherub agrees and says she doesn't even have room for dessert left.  Satiated and happy, Dear Hubby asks for the bill so we can be on our way.  It is 7:15 p.m.  That is just not normal.  I think that my family had suction hoses attached to their throats. 

"Did you people even taste your food?"
"It was awesome" . . . "So worth the ride" . . . "Best Sushi ever" . . .
My family is JUST. NOT. RIGHT.

At 10:15 p.m. we walk through the door of our home.  (Weather had gotten worse which made for a longer ride)   By 10:16, 3 of 4 of our bathrooms were occupied . . . By 10:20, there was not a peep to be heard as all three of my loves were happily sound asleep in their beds, probably dreaming about the wonderful Sushi they had eaten.  By 11:00, little Miss Beatrice had done her business and she and I settled ourselves in for the night.  As I lay in bed, ready to sleep, it dawned on me how funny and great it was that such a simple gesture as making the ride so family could get their fix was such a big and appreciated thing for all.  So again, I say, Happy Anniversary To Me, I did good.  And again, I'm glad my family was happy - we'll have to go again soon.


Karly said...

You are a much better wife than I am. Four hours for a MEAL? That's insane! They must really love their sushi!