Monday, October 27, 2008

The Consult Is Tomorrow

Tomorrow we meet with Little Miss B's Orthopedic Surgeon.  I am a little nervous.  Apparently, her left front leg is not growing correctly.  She started walking with a limp (or as I prefer to view it, a "Swagger") about a month ago.  We were back and forth to the vet and started with the diagnosis of sprain and moved up the rungs from there.  Mr. P insists that she wants to be like him with the limp he has from his accident.  Anyway, if you look at her leg, it is shaped a little bit like the letter S.  It is actually kind of cute and doesn't cause her any pain, but we have been told that we need to correct it now, otherwise, there is a great likelihood that the leg will eventually become lame.  Enter Orthopedic Surgeon - she needs surgery.

I am not surprised.  Why am I not surprised?  Because poor Little Miss B joined our brood with the following ailments.  

Worms, worms and more worms 
A double ear infection (yes, both ears)
Kennel cough
A urinary tract infection
A bad back right hip (which will need to be dealt with as she gets older)
 Found only through the X-rays that were needed when she had her Kennel cough
And now her front left leg

"Why didn't you just return her?"  is the question I hear quite frequently.  Are you kidding me?  I always said that I would never buy a pet shop puppy, so when I saw her and had to have THIS particular dog.  I knew we would have problems.  I didn't expect not to.  

I had done research on the breed, I had a list of reputable breeders, I was prepared for when I was ready to get my Basset.  I had it all planned.  It was not time, we were not ready yet, but then I saw her.  I was standing in line to buy dear hubby an I-phone for his birthday.  Suffice to say, he didn't get it that day, but a dog instead.  She was being walked by a pet store employee.  One look and I knew it, she was MY dog.  It was very strange.  I had seen a TON of Bassets over the last few years, never to feel like I had to have one.  I'd think they were cute and that someday I would get one, but never at that moment.  It was different with Beatrice.  I. JUST. KNEW.  So, I got the pet shop puppy I swore I would never get.  I could NEVER return her.  

As far as most of her ailments, they were a little bit costly, but minor.  Nothing huge that couldn't be treated and cured.  But in any case, Mr. P and I decided it might be wise to get her pet insurance (can you believe it?  I can't even afford health insurance for the humans in my family and we were considering pet insurance?  Yes, C-R-A-Z-Y!)  Anyway, we got it (and it was a pretty reasonable price too) because we figure that we have some heavy duty vet bills coming our way if Beatrice's short history is any indication of her life.  GUESS WHAT?!!  Her leg isn't covered!  Go figure. . .  Her leg isn't covered because the X-rays were taken a week prior to the insurance taking effect.  It is a "pre-existing" condition.  Gee, just like human insurance.  It makes me take pause and wonder if all of her ailments down the road will be denied for some sort of fine print exclusion.  No matter, we can't not help our dog, so one way or another, Beatrice will always be well taken care of - just like the kids.  They wonder if she might even be a little MORE well taken care of than them :)  

So, we meet for our consult with the surgeon tomorrow.  He will explain fully, what exactly needs to be done and why.  I only know a little from the conversation with our actual vet.  She really wanted us to speak to the surgeon directly - not a good sign??  We will find out where we go from here and possibly look for a second opinion, depending on what Surgeon says.  

Wish Us Luck.  We Need It.


Gifting Gumshoe said...

Good luck with Little Miss B. I have a special needs dog, and wouldn't trade him for the world! She's still a pretty girl, even with a "swagger."

DMLD said...

Thanks -

I think the swagger is actually pretty cute. And I'm with you, she's beautiful and sweet and I would never trade her for anything.

Chris said...


I just back from a walk with Harley. He's one of our rescue collies (we have two). When we got him, he was about 3 years old (his people moved to Mexico).

I understand what you mean about just KNOWING about a dog. As soon as Rob saw him, he said, "Just give us the adoption papers now." And he was supposed to be a foster dog for us! Harley is just so wonderful.

I had the same reaction when I met Champion (our other collie) for the first time. Instant love.

Harley came to us with a crooked front leg. We thought it would be okay (he was hit by an Amish buggy when he was a young dog and his people didn't make sure it healed properly). But he started limping really badly last Spring. We think he was playing too hard with one of our foster dogs.

So, we had to find an Orthopedic Vet for him. Fortunately, there is one in our area! He went in and cut a "v" out of the bone, attached a steel rod, put in a couple of "bolts" and voila! Staighter leg! To the tune of $2000 once we paid for all the follow up visits and bandages, infections, etc. Ouch!

I have a pic of him on my blog at the vets office. You can do a search for "collie" if you want to see it.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that IT CAN BE DONE and you will be so happy with the result. Harley was walking on his ankle last Spring and now he trots around the neighborhood with me on walks. It's just wonderful.

Hang in there! It takes time, but it is worth it. Especially when you do it for a dog as special as Miss B!

thepreppyprincess said...

Good, good luck Miss GHFT, we hope it goes well.

We understand where you are and where you have been; we are blessed with our rescued English bulldog, Miss Tilly. We probably could have financed a developing nation for several years with what has gone into her surgeries and meds and everything else, but wouldn't change a thing. We are grateful we have been able to give her a forever home where she is loved.

Grins and giggles at you,