Monday, August 31, 2009

She Has To Be One Of The Coolest Bloggers EVER!

So, if you have been perusing the Great Giveaways link on my sidebar at all (and yes, I know I have to get with it on posting - I have been VERY behind the eight ball this summer) then you probably noticed the link for Peachy King's Lauren Nicole Badge Reel Giveaway.

Lauren Nicole has got to be one of my favorite places to shop in the first place and I have to admit that I have bought quite a few of the badge reels for gifts for a lot of my nursing friends. They are ALWAYS a hit.

Anyway, I was going through the Giveaway links just now, don't even know why, because usually, you get an email or something if you win, but for some reason decided to check the links anyway and get this, Peachy King's winners announcement went a little like this -

"Because I love the Monogrammed Badge Reels from Lauren Nicole sooooooo much-I have decided to extend my love to EVERYONE (I mean, everyone) that left a post. Y'all are all winners!! =) YYYAAAYYY (I am literally jumping up and down for all of you)!!"

OK, so maybe it went A LOT like that, or maybe it was VERBATIM . . . my point is, everyone who left a comment won! Who does that? What an amazing Giveaway! Peachy King's has just moved up the ranks in my Cool Giveaways Book . . .

So even if you didn't enter the Giveaway, definitely stop on by and check her out . . . just click this link or find her under my Good Reads.

What a Totally Cool Chick!