Monday, October 19, 2009

A VERY Generous Offer and a Great Place To Shop Too

So although I have been the very bad blogger as of late, I have still browsed the internet occasionally - I mean, come on, a shopper needs to shop, even if it is just perusing her fave shopping spots for a quick minute or two.

Anyway, I have discovered a GREAT jewelry sight (handmade of course). Not only does she have some great pieces, but you absolutely MUST check out her prices!!! Lu Shae Jewelry is having a VERY generous Giveaway . . . They are giving away $200 cash. Yes, cash. You don't have to use it at their site, it is cash to do with what you please. And in today's economy, who couldn't use an extra $200? They are giving away $200 EVERY month, so you have plenty of chances to win. And to top it off, when you enter, they will email a code to you so you can get a 15% discount on their jewelry. Great to pass on to hubs or boyfriend for the holiday season, or just to treat yourself. And the best part is, you won't go broke and will definitely find some amazing pieces you will just have to add to your collection. . .

In perusing the site, I'd love to share some of my favorite pieces, which were very hard to find, because everything looked so great. They have something for everyone - yellow gold, white gold, every kind of stone imaginable and the site is so user-friendly, it is very easy to peruse all of their merchandise quickly and easily - they even have the actually measurements shown for their products, so no guessing is involved! Check out these great items and be sure to check out their site as well, as I'm sure you'll find even more pieces to love.
Crafted Circle Pendant - On Sale $67.00
This is definitely one of my favorites. So simple, yet elegant. Can be worn with EVERYTHING, from jeans and a T to your best formal dress.

Ice Twist - On Sale $63.00
I just thought this piece was so cool.
Different than what you normally see.

Leafed Tahitian Pearl - On Sale $65.00

And who could resist the ring that matches so perfectly?

Mystic Anniversary Ring - On Sale $66.00

This Tanzanite ring is yet another of my favorites - Love the crown shape and the color is amazing.

Tanazanite Crown Ring - On Sale $64.00

And for all my fellow Preppy Ladies, I couldn't resist throwing this one in.
Princess Cut Pink Ice 7mm studs - On Sale $66.00

I guess that's enough for today, although I could probably post most of the pieces I've seen on this site. Definitely worth a looksie - check it out and let me know if you find anything you love - would love to see what everyone is getting. Gotta run - MUST SEND LINK TO MR. P!
Happy Shopping!


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