Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ode To My Credit

My credit I find

Is quite a big mess
With easy reporting
I haven't been blessed

The creditors you see
In reporting they fail
I call and I write
To the same NO AVAIL

They have me mixed up
With my mom and Joe Schmoe
I ask them to fix it
They always say "NO"

I have disputed by phone
By fax and by mail
The response is "Still Pending"
They're as slow as a snail

My name they've got wrong
My birth date is too
My social is different
Can you have 2?

"Please dear creditors"
I pleadingly say
"Fix my records
Fix them today"

"We can't do that now"
They always reply
"Have to look into it
It may be a lie"

It seems to be
That I'm me I can't prove
I'm tired and cranky
I think I should move

So I sit and I wait
For credit that's right
Meanwhile I worry
Through day and through night

"It will get fixed . . .
Eventually" they say
"When" I reply
"When you're old and gray"


sassy the niece said...

Beloved Aunt, I think you've officaly gone mad. We worry about you. Get help soon. Poems about credit reports are not a good thing.