Friday, June 27, 2008

What Have We Done?

In our quest to teach the little cherubs the value of a dollar, hard work and earning your money, I believe that Mr. P and I have created monsters (See June 17 post regarding "THE LIST").  

You see, Cherub 1 and 2 have decided that making money is a good thing.  No, not a good thing, a great thing.  As Mr. P and I thought that 2 days in, there would be cajoling, threatening, screaming and yelling to get the items on the list completed, we find ourselves in the predicament of not having to do any of the above and going broke in the process.  

While Cherub #1 is outside mowing, whacking, tilling, thatching and hosing down, Cherub #2 is inside scrubbing, spraying, spritzing and disinfecting - EVERY. DAY.  Each chore has a monetary value and the cherubs have realized that the more they do, the more they make.  We now officially have our own little 2-man Chain Gang going on.  When realizing that the list in their own home is completed until next week, they call the Maternal Grandparents to see what can be done to make some money there.  Of course, Maternal Grandparents are always happy to see the cherubs and will even create chores for them to do, just to have the pleasure of their company, so off they go to make more money (outrageous amounts at that) to stick in their wallets.  

I realized how bad things were, when yesterday, Cherub #1 and #2 decided they wanted to go to Wendy's for lunch and they had to treat me, because after dishing out their weekly pay, I had exactly $1.34 left in my own wallet.  So while Mr. P and I are quite happy that the ultimate lesson of the value of hard work and money is definitely being learning, we still have to ask ourselves, "What have we done?  Have we created Monsters?"  Yet still, for the sake of "The Lesson" we continue to dish out the dough for the chores completed on each cherub's list.  

Well, I need to go now, I have a few appointments - one to get a new job, one to cash in our stocks and one to remortgage the house - so we can afford to pay the cherubs next week.   :)