Friday, June 20, 2008

Shout Out

It is definitely past time for me to give a big old shout out to Eldest Niece and Nephew and Bro-In-Law #1.  

Mr. P is the youngest of 4 boys.  And yes, his mother is still "relatively" sane.  Anyway, Oldest Bro and his 2 amazing children (That would be my Beloved Eldest Niece and Nephew) have been SSOOOOO good to us this year, that I felt it was past time to give them a little Kudos and a big I LOVE YOU GUYS!

When Mr. P first came home from the hospital, because of logistical issues (see living with an invalid post) he had to move in with them.  Because JP and Miss Samantha were still in school, I wanted to keep our lives as normal as possible and although we made the trek to Bro-In-Law's house daily, we slept here.  Mr. P was still taking MANY, MANY medications for his various and sundry injuries, still couldn't get out of bed and make it to the commode (and I mean commode, not bathroom) on his own, and basically needed the 24/7 care that an infant needs. Hence, Kudos to Bro-In-Law #1 and his children.  They were the 3 that provided him such diligent care.  

You see, while I sat and fretted over Mr. P by day, it was these three wonderful people that kept us fed and nourished, carted cherished bambinos back and forth from here to there, ran errands, and acted as our personal concierge, doctors, nurses and medication dispensers for Mr. P by night.  Beloved Eldest Niece and Nephew would set their alarm clocks for every four hours during the night and arise to bring Mr. P his bevy of pills and make sure he was alive and relatively comfortable.  Only to have to arise again at daybreak to head off to their own daily lives of school and work.  They would come home in the afternoon and Beloved Eldest Nephew would put aside his own agenda to head off to my home to pick up cherished bambinos while Beloved Eldest Niece and Bro-In-Law would give me a break and take over the task of catering to Mr. P.  

Also,  as Mr. P is slowly healing, Bro-In-Law has definitely picked up the slack in my own home.  All the things that Mr. P used to do and fix, now fall on the shoulders of Bro-In-Law #1.  He arrives and without complaint does whatever menial job needs to be done and then proceeds to cook us all dinner.  What's better than that?  Not to mention, that quite frequently, the three of them will call or show up to take cherished bambinos off on some adventure, "Just Because".  Case in point - Last night, on the first night of summer for bambinos, they showed up, told bambinos to pack their bags and off they went, giving Mr. P and I the night to ourselves.  I could get really used to this!  

Well, just wanted to let them and all who read this (Yes, all 2 of you) know, I LOVE YOU GUYS and wouldn't have gotten through the last 6 months without you.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  

So there you have it - yet again, realizing that I am truly blessed with some of the most exceptional relatives someone could ask for.  Thank you.