Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Proper Dress Required

Miss Samantha graduated today.  She stood proudly with Me, Mr. P, Maternal and Paternal Grandparents in attendance.  Then, as many of the other children left with loving parents, she got a swift kiss on the head, a murmured "Have a Great Day, I'll see you after school," and off we went.  

It's not that I'm not proud of my daughter.  But . . . first of all, she graduated from fifth grade.  FIFTH GRADE!  What is that about?  When I was in school, it was High School and College. And maybe the occasional eighth grade graduation.  Now we seem to graduate from every grade there is.  Also, I had to take Mr. P to work, and aren't I going to have enough fun-filled days with my children this summer - which starts Friday for them?  So, yet again, Mr. P and I get the "Parents of the Year" award. You know, for leaving Miss Samantha looking longingly after us as we drove away.  

As much as I sit and gripe about the fact that I think graduating from fifth grade is ridiculous.  I would, however, like to mention here that it was still in fact - A GRADUATION!  Do parents not know this?  Were they raised in barns?  Are they aware that there is a certain protocol for special events?  I bring this up because, in a linen skirt and cotton blouse, I STILL looked like I was attending the wedding of the year compared to everyone else.  

The clothing choices ranged from absurd, to dirty, to completely void of any and all sense of appropriateness at all.  Most of those who were in attendance chose for the more casual look of ripped jeans or dirty shorts with the raggedy T-shirt.  Fortunately though, the weather was not stifling enough to permit the all time favorite of WIFE-BEATER.  I think that this would have been more than I could bear.  

I would like to send my town a memo.  DRESS FOR THE OCCASION PEOPLE!  Usually, as I may or may not be over or underdressed for a certain occasion, there are always others at such events wearing similar formal or casual-wear.  In my town, however, I have found that I am ALWAYS overdressed for any and everything we attend (Except for the psuedo-designer-wearing-wannabes - You know the ones, head to toe knockoff Gucci, Prada, Fendi - - Shall I go on?)  Not that I mind knockoffs, but a little goes a long way people.  

I could attend a graduation, celebration, choral concert or anything else the schools or town may be hosting, on any given evening, and with me in a thong and Mr. P in nothing but a bow-tie, we would STILL probably be overdressed!  Is it me?  Is it my town?  Does anyone have any sense of appropriate clothing these days?  Should I be living back in the 1950s, 40s, 30s, whatever, whenever?  Please let me know if I am not staying with the times, am I living in the wrong decade?  

I am by far a casual person, I wear very casual clothes every day - to work, shopping, running errands and for the parties and cookouts we regularly attend.  But, come on, does it kill someone to throw on a decent pair of slacks or a nice dress or skirt for something like a GRADUATION?  I would think NOT!

If anyone out there is reading this and I am truly wrong and out of my ever-loving tree, please let me know.  I certainly want to be able to keep up with the changing times.   I just wonder, if this is how we dress now, what is to come for the next generation?  Will people be showing up to every special occasion in their underwear - old, ripped ones at that!?  Please, I beseech thee, tell me if I'm crazy.  Well, don't tell me I'm crazy, we already know that is quite the possibility, but let me know if my expectations of "Proper Dress Required" are flawed.  I look forward to the input. 


the Beloved Niece said...

Dear D,
People do not dress up in your beloved town because you happen to live in Hicksville, USA which is also known as the middle of nowhere.

Thinkinfyou said...

I thought the lack of dress code nowadays,only happened in the south. I would say at least 85% of people here that show up for school functions look like they just stepped out of the movie " Deliverance"'s just scary!!!