Thursday, June 5, 2008

Update on Mr. P

So Mr. P had his doctor's visit today.  For the first time in almost 5 months, we actually got some good news.  Oh where, oh where to begin?  First off his hip is doing great.  It is almost completely healed!  His transverse processes are also doing very well.  The one that was hanging is almost fully healed and the other 2 (the ones he completely severed) have miraculously begun to start fusing themselves back onto his spine.  Can you imagine?!  His fibula is starting to heal nicely, there has been significant bone re-growth - Oh the miracles of modern medicine (Remember the bone stimulator I mentioned in an earlier post?)  and the many pieces of his ankle are also starting to come together slowly.  

The only thing that was not wonderful news is that his tibia does not seem to want to mend.  The doc mentioned that he could go in, re-break the fibula and try to force the sections of the tibia together by removing some of the many screws holding Mr. P together.  The problem is that the chunks of bone missing in his leg are so large, it will take many, many months for the bone in these areas to come together again.  After much debate, we all decided that re-breaking the wonderful Mr. P after he has come so far just isn't an option.  So we are left with his slow and painful recovery once again.  

Other than that and the fact that the nerves and muscle damage are taking quite a bit of time to heal, Mr. P is upbeat and doing well.  He has graduated from the crutches and actually is using a cane today.  He has graduated yet again - from toddlerhood to old age.  I must admit that the cane may possibly become a large source of friction between me and Mr. P.  He tends to take sheer pleasure in hooking it around people and dragging them about.  Oh well, at least he still has his sense of humor.  

I leave you today, for once, on an upbeat and positive note.