Friday, June 6, 2008

World's Worst Relative

It has been brought to my attention recently, that I just may possibly be the world's worst relative.  You see, considering that my family only consists of myself and an older sis, you would think that it wouldn't be too hard to keep track of the goings on in her everyday life.  

Mom and Dad are the types of people that are always there for you.  NO MATTER WHAT!  They are always a phone call away and willing to help.  Mom, in particular, is the type of woman that not only remembers birthdays and anniversaries, but any and all infinitesimal special occasions anyone she may have possibly crossed paths with, at any point in her lifetime, may have.  From family members, to the lady she spoke to once at the grocery store.  She always has something fitting for the occasion, whether it be some amazing super-gift or a small token or card.  

Dear older sis is an apple that does not fall far from the tree in this manner.  Although she is busy raising 3 beautiful little cherubs, running her household, working and volunteering here and there and keeping track of the sports, hubby's schedule, the dog and all other aspects of their daily lives, on any and all occasions that may arise for myself, my children or Mr. P there is always at least, the phone call.

Me?  Well, I miss birthdays, (if I do happen to remember them, I usually have one child's mixed up with another's date) forget to call on holidays, have no idea when she got married, and in general go VERY long periods of time without calling.  Case in point - my eldest niece had a birthday 2 weeks ago.  I was very proud of myself because I did order her present before the actual date.  However, as things go, her present is still sitting on a chair in the office of my home as I continually forget to package it up and send it on its way.  

A few months back, while watching the news I heard about a tornado that hit the area around where she lived.  So I called and when I got no answer, I got very concerned.  My response to my worry was to call Mom and Dad and make them handle it.  Of course, they did.  The following day, I found out that the tornado was not even near where they live.  But at least I was trying to pay attention.  I bring this up because yesterday, I found out that where dear older sis lives actually DID get hit by tornadoes and some pretty nasty weather.  Apparently, she and youngest cherub had to take cover with the dog while her other 2 where put in lock down at the local schools.  Not to mention, that poor hubby was at a meeting in which I hear the building he was in got hit pretty hard.  And did I call?  Did I even know?  Of course not, because I was sitting happily at my computer blogging.  So here, today, I would like to make a formal public apology to dear older sis and her family.  I'M SORRY!  I am glad that you are all safe and sound.  

Regardless of my forgetfulness, thoughtlessness and downright self absorption, the thing that most amazes me about dear older sis and her family is that no matter how many times I forget special occasions or am late with a gift,  and no matter how many times I don't call, email or write, they still love me.  Those 3 little cherubs are part of my biggest fan club.  I am always greeted with happiness, excitement and true unconditional love.  

So although I may be the world's worst relative, I can honestly say that I am absolutely, positively blessed to have the world's best relatives to call my own.