Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Boring Happenings in Suburbia

I have been terribly lax about posting lately.  I don't know if it is because of sheer laziness, I'm too busy enjoying the sunshine and heat of the short summer in New England, or if it is just that I truly have nothing left to say.  I am hoping that it is not the latter of the three because then I am really in a sad state of affairs.  I just ask that you all bear with me and my lack of enthusiasm for posting for awhile and keep checking back because who knows, there could be one day that I muse about something amazingly profound and wouldn't you be so upset if you missed it. :)

Anyway, things in the life of my lovely little world as of late are as follows:

Beatrice is settling in nicely.  We are still so in love with her.  Still working on house training, which she seems to be getting the hang of.  The only problem we are running into is that we have 5 steps on our front porch leading up to our house and her tiny little legs can't quite make the length of them, so we are still carrying her up and down them until she grows a bit more.

She is also VERY VERY nippy when she is excited and wants to play.  We find ourselves constantly saying "Ouch, No, Stop, etc." You know, all the things the trainers, books and vets tell you to say.  We have swatted her nose, turned our backs, and even sprayed her with water.  Unfortunately, she thinks that everything we say or do is a signal that we are playing.  Any other ideas out there?  Please let me know if you have one.  The good news is that her outbursts are very short-lived.  She gets tired easily and it isn't long before she needs her nap.  

She has settled into the routine of snuggling up with dear hubby every evening about 7:00 - 7:30 pm.  I have to wake her up about 9:00 or 10:00 to make her pee (which she is not very happy about) so she can get through the night until 6:00 am.  Not so bad for 12 weeks old.

Dear little cherubs are still working on their chores (paid and unpaid) and still looking for the other jobs to make some extra cash.  They have even offered to buy me lunch on a few occasions, which is good, because as you all know, I have gone completely broke paying for the jobs they are doing.  

Mr. P is doing well.  He was reprimanded the other day at physical therapy because apparently she thinks he is overdoing it.  I feel bad because he is SSOOO done with being hurt and walking with the cane.  He can be a very impatient man.  My list of things I need to do for him is getting a little bit shorter which has come as a happy relief to me.  He has a doc appointment next week, so keep your fingers crossed for good news about his bone growth.  

I am very excited because my beloved nieces and nephew, and older sis and hubby are coming to town for a visit next week.  I can't wait to see them.  It has been so long.  Hoping the weather is good so we can have some outdoor fun in the pool and maybe a trip to Prudence.  

Other than that, the life of the suburban housewife has been pretty mundane and I have had nothing really great to muse or complain about, which I guess is a good thing.  Maybe next week.  


Thinkinfyou said...

Your life sounds relaxing and serene right now.I say bask in it!!

Eldest Neice on Mr. Ps side said...

I thought of you