Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Simplest Things

It always amazes me how the simplest things like little actions and words can make such a profound impact on or even change your life and view of things.  This year, I have found that I have become a little more aware of all those little things in my life.  A certain look from someone, a brief sentiment or statement, words read in a book or a kind act from a stranger.  

I don't know if Mr. P's accident triggered some or all of this awareness or if maybe I'm just growing up (NAH!), but I can say most definitively that one VERY BIG life altering statement was - "Perry had an accident".  In and of themselves, those words don't mean too much - did he spill something, break something (not including body parts), have a little fall? . . . but in the mind and emotion of a wife and mother, those four words can bring complete hysteria.  

I guess that going through the last 6 months has been not only life-altering, but a major test of love, commitment and faith between me and Mr. P.  I think of all the things that Mr. P could not do when he first came home from "his accident" and what I did for him without a thought or care.  I remember worrying about our life and if we would actually make it through OK.  Financially, emotionally, physically . . . and wondering what it would be like if we didn't.  

I also thought about our wedding vows - hoping that there was some fine print that made them null and void in a situation like this :), I thought about when we were dating and carefree and how over the years it seemed like more and more responsibilities just kept piling up for us, I thought about how we have grown and changed since that first date, and I thought about how I really, truly don't think that I know any 2 people who could possibly know each other better, inside and out then Mr. P knows me and I know Mr. P and still love each other so madly, deeply, truly.  

I thought about how I would demand payback for all I did to take care of dear hubby and then it hit me.  You see Mr. P has ALWAYS taken care of me.  From our very first date.  From the little stuff to the big.  Cooking for me, always thinking of me in a store or coffee shop and bringing something home he'll know I like, taking care of all the stuff he knows I hate to do, really listening to me when he knows that I am upset.  From the secret looks and phrases to always knowing how to get a smile.  

And, when it truly counted, Mr. P did for me, exactly what I have done for him - he took care of me when I couldn't.  After the birth of our son, when I was very sick and wouldn't let the nurses touch me, when I had a little (or a lot) too much to drink and needed to hug the toilet during the night, when I had the flu or allergies or just a simple cold, when all I needed was a shoulder to lean on, an ear to complain to, or just a hug.  Simply put, there is no payback.  This is our life, for better and for worse.  This is marriage and parenthood and partnership.  

So after some reflection, I guess that the very first, simplest, most life-altering statement I've ever heard was, "Would you like to go out with me?"  And I wouldn't have it any other way!

I love you Mr. P


Toe said...

AWWW I love this one. Funny how things come full circle and continue to go round and round. :)