Friday, October 3, 2008

New Mr. P Update

Mr. P had his doctor's appointment this week.  Oh, how life is bittersweet for Mr. P.  The good news is that doc said he is WAY ahead of the game in healing.  The bad news is another 3 -6 months for Mr. P with his cane.  

The rundown on his injuries are as follows:
Cracked Transverse Process - HEALED
The 2 Severed Transverse Processes - HEALING - almost there
Fibula - Pretty much HEALED (It has fused back together and just has a bit more mending)
Ankle - HEALED

The Tibia is on its way to healing, but there are still gaping holes between the bone segments.  It is just a matter of time for it to all come together.  The funny thing is that the Tibia isn't what Mr. P gripes about (Even though he can only walk about 10 feet before he will fall).  He is ALWAYS complaining about his back.  He is in so much pain in his back.  Doc says that this is due to all the soft tissue and nerve damage back there, and that Mr. P may as well get used to it because he will ALWAYS have some pain for the rest of his life.  Not quite as severe as it is now, but something . . .   Mr. P thinks he is a hero and won't take his painkillers.  Doesn't want to get addicted (Good for him - I don't know though, I think I'd just rather have no pain).  The muscle relaxants seem to help him a little, but make him loopy and he can't have his cocktails with them, so he only takes those when he absolutely has to.  We shall see where it all leads him in the coming months.  

Meanwhile, it is business as usual for Mr. P.  He gets up every day, goes faithfully to his physical therapist and then off to work.  I love my dear hubby, he is persistent if nothing else.  He will not stop his life and trying to live it normally because of a little pain and limp.  We were talking the other day and can you believe that even with the extent of his injuries, he only missed 8 full days of work?  For many months, work was not very productive (or productive at all) but he made the effort to at least show his face in the office.  

As ski season descends upon us, I feel a little bit sorry for him.  He sees the kids going through their gear and talking about which trails will be open on the first trip up and you can see the envy and wistfulness in his eyes.  Mr. P knows he won't be skiing again until next season and is quite troubled by this.  But again, to his credit, Mr. P plans to go up with cherubs EVERY weekend and while they are happily skiing, his plans are to set up a huge tailgating area at the mountain to serve up Rib-eyes, chicken sandwiches and a host of other gourmet delights at lunchtime.  I don't know, maybe even I will join them up North this year, if not just for the food.  

Well, that's it on the Mr. P progression of healing.  And again, I give credit where credit is due.  He is a strong, determined man and continues to improve every day regardless of pain, regardless of setbacks and regardless of timeframes.  Soon I will be blogging about our very first dance!


Thinkinfyou said...

WOW! That is determination!The human spirit is an amazing thing.

allslots said...

The Tibia is on its way to healing, but there are still gaping holes between the bone segments.