Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Photos of Me and Mine

Got some pics back from favorite Bro-In-Law's wedding.  Here's a couple of the family.  Keep in mind - NO RETOUCHING or anything has been done yet - just a quick preview of me & mine.

We got some nice shots of Me, Mr. P and lovely cherubs.
Even one of just me with cherubs.


Finally got a group shot of the girl grandchildren on dear hubby's side.  And the boys too - Please Note:  Last guy in pic is Beloved Eldest Niece's Beau.  Is it possible I may have a new nephew in the future????

This one is of me with Favorite Beloved Eldest Niece
(on dear hubby's side of course)

Eldest Cherub had a grand old time rocking out.
Note in last photo the suit has come off and the shorts have gone on.


I remember posting that I would be blogging about Mr. P's first dance soon a while back.  Well, he got it.  Although, I don't have a pic of our first dance together, he did get a shot with littlest cherub.   I got one with eldest.

Little Miss Samantha enjoying the wonderful Ice Cream Bar they had as part of dessert.  I must say that I now truly believe that an Ice Cream Bar should be MANDATORY at every wedding.

Last but not least, I even got to share a few tender moments with each member of my brood.  It was even caught on camera.  I can now prove to the world that I really am a loving wife and mother.     :)


I can honestly say that it was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful day and that all of us had a great time.  So good in fact, cherubs are actually looking forward to being invited to another wedding.