Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TAG - I'm It

I guess I've been tagged - and yes, it is my very first time!  Funny that I've actually been tagged twice.  I am posting both tags here, so bear with me.  First off, thanks to Thinkinfyou at Writing Quiets The Voice In My Head , I know, a little slow at playing along, but it takes me a while to process things, like the fact that I am supposed to respond :)   After reading her list, I am truly embarrassed because I am sitting here trying to think of 7 outrageous tidbits about me, and I can't even think of 1.  You might want to get a cup of coffee so you can stay awake to read this, or possibly just skip the post altogether.  Your Choice.  Here Goes:


1.  I smoke - A LOT!  Everyone who sees me light up for the first time has the same response. "Oh my God!  YOU SMOKE? You don't look like a smoker"  I ask you this, what exactly does a smoker look like?

2.  I am very insecure.  I have MAJOR social anxiety, worry about what everyone thinks of me and find it difficult to make new friends. (Can you say "Bag Of Nuts?")

3.  I have REALLY frizzy, curly hair.  Look at my photos, yes, pin-straight.  I NEVER leave my house without straightening my hair.  

4.  I have been bungee jumping!  Those who know me well, know I have no sense of adventure, but there was a time in my life when I actually got trained to teach Project Adventure to teens who had substance abuse issues.  It included a ropes course, wall climbing and yes, bungee jumping too.  I even did it once carrying a live chicken.  I named him Howard. 

5.  My dark sense of humor comes out when I am nervous - see number 2.  I tend to crack very inappropriate jokes in many a social setting.  Hence, the difficulty making new friends.

6.  I have the unbelievable gift of losing weight with the more I eat.  Yes, it is true.  I could live on a diet of Ho-Hos and Twinkies and still drop 10 pounds in a week.  

7.  My dreams are usually small premonitions.  I can't tell the future or anything, but if I have a dream about someone, I will either see them or talk to them within a week.  AND, I dream EVERY night and remember them all. 

The lucky seven tags I am passing this along to are:

Lisagh from Grosgrain Garage
Jerseygirl over at Dirty Little Secret

Thank you all for giving me something to look forward to reading daily.  Well, maybe not daily, but when I have time to browse your blogs.  You all always make me smile, give me something to relate to, give me great places to spend my money (that I shouldn't be spending) and in general make me feel not so alone in the day to day drudgery of life.  

Consider yourselves tagged twice because you are all being tagged for the following as well.  With the exception of the two who tagged me.  You only have to respond to the one you didn't send!

On to tag #2 - Thank you to Jennifer at The Gifting Gumshoe.  And yes, I stole your photo of the Tag sign too.  This is just about as hard as the last one - you people do not seem to understand that I have a very boring life and less of an imagination!  :)   

Four Wishes:
My children stay healthy
My children stay happy
Mr. P and I enjoy a long life and retirement together
Little Miss Beatrice gets through her surgery just fine

Four Places I Want To Travel:
St. John - Where I will never leave - I will retire there

Four Careers I Want To Be Involved In:
Volunteering with Little Miss B as a Therapy Dog Owner
Shopping, but getting paid for it :)
Doing what I do now - working as a Small Business Owner with Dear Hubby
Something with animals - Don't really know what

Four Things I Would Like God To Say To Me At The Gates Of Heaven:
You Did The Best You Could And That Was Good Enough
Your Grandmother Is Waiting For You
You Were A Great Wife And Mother


lisagh said...

I know I shouldn't be happy about this, but YAY! another smoker. But sadly that is where our similarities end... you lose weight... I FIND it!!!


That's okay, we can still be pals.

DMLD said...


Glad we can still be pals. Wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't read Grosgrain Garage and look at the amazing food you make and adorable things you create.