Monday, December 8, 2008

And What A Nice Treat It Was

Eldest sis and family came into town for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  They were spending it with her hubby's family.  Let me say that it is always so difficult for eldest sis when they come home for a visit because they ALWAYS get inundated with old friends and family vying to spend time with her and her darling cherubs.  

They come home every summer for an approximate 2-3 week stay.  It is always frustrating because in that time Mr. P, myself and cherubs usually get a 24 hour window in which a frenzy ensues as we try to visit, catch up and do something fun.  It is all they have to give us - others need more time.  I always tell her not to worry about us, as we totally understand the time constraints when needing to fit 5,432 friends and family into a mere 3 weeks.  But this time was different.  And a nice treat indeed.  

Although eldest sis and family were officially here for Thanksgiving with her Dear Hubby's clan, we not only saw them once, but twice - go figure - they were only here for 3 1/2 days and we saw them twice as much as when they come for the long stays.  On Wednesday, my cherubs were thrilled at the prospect of not only being allowed to play hooky from school, but having breakfast out and then celebrating Christmas (we will not be seeing them at Christmas time, so we exchanged gifts then) and spending the day with their cousins.  We also got to see them for a few hours on Friday before they left to head home.  

It is always such a joy for me to see them.  Those children are the epitome of the "Stepford Children".  They are perfect.  Always smiling, always nice, always courteous and always using exceptional manners.  They greet you with such enthusiasm that it makes you feel like a movie star and they are always so thrilled no matter what you bring.  Every gift they opened was as if I had read their minds and bought them the absolute one thing they desperately wanted this year for Christmas.  I honestly believe that I could have wrapped a rock and a stick and they would still tell me how wonderful and thoughtful I am.  These children can make anyone feel good.  I truly adore them.  

Anyway, I was just so thrilled that we got to see them.  Our visits are so few and far between and I know that my dear cherubs miss them tremendously throughout the year.  So as I said before,  "What a nice treat it was!"

PS. Jason, if you are reading this, I remember that Little Miss B still owes you a new football!  I haven't forgotten


Chris said...

Wow! I'm jealous! What great relatives!!!!

Still laughing over the football comment. I'm sure Miss B thought it was delicious. :)