Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ode to Allergies

New England's weather
Continues to jest
Pollen abounds
So clogged I can't rest

Cold, snow then some rain
Now trees are in bloom
"When will this end?"
I think, full of gloom.

I tell Mr. P
I hate living here
He smiles that smile
"When we retire, my dear."

Retirement seems
So far, far away
How can I live here
For many more days?

Summer it seems 
Gets shorter and less
I spend less time sunbathing
And more such a mess

Been wanting to write
And catch up with my blog
But my head feels heavy 
My body's a log

Can't think, see or smell
Nose drippy and red
All day and at night
I just need my bed

My eyes are so itchy
My ears and throat too
My chest is a rock
My throat hurts - that's new

Oh Allergies, why?
Why, torment me so?
Just when I smiled
To see no more snow

So trees, grass and flowers
I implore you this day
Please finish your blooming
So I can come out and play

Maybe tomorrow 
I'll be able to write
To think and to spell
Without such a fight

But now my dear blog friends
I leave you alone
I'm clogged and I'm cranky 
And need to go home

So those who have allergies
And suffer like me
I'll think of you often
As I look at the trees

Take meds and home remedies
And patiently wait
For blooming to finish
To again feel great

With that I will now
Bid you all sweet Adieu
When allergies end
I will again speak to you


Thinkinfyou said...

I feel for ya,D. Hope you feel better soon!!!

Muffy said...

Oh, how funny! I love this.