Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eldest Cherub Still Alive and Other Sagas

Oh where to begin? So many updates and happenings, I really don't know where to start or what to say. I guess I'll just dive in and see where it takes me. So here goes . . .

You'll be happy to know that Eldest Cherub is still alive. I did not kill him, although I did look into a few of our homicide laws and have prepared a statement in my defense . . . just in case . . . I JEST!!

Really, we had a little chat, very calmly, very quietly and adult-like. I voiced my concerns and opinions, he voiced his opinions and we calmly came to the following agreement. If he uses those #%$%^&@* guns in my house, around my car or pool or in my sight EVER AGAIN, they just may possibly become a permanent part of his body, he will not have to worry about parental permission for any piercings because he will have homemade ones with guns hanging from the holes. Again, I JEST. No, I'm not still bitter about the whole incident, why do you ask? :)

Seriously, in his defense, he did offer to replace everything and somehow try to work off the cost of replacement and help me find new dishes - even to sell off some of the guns (but not the ones he really likes) I didn't mention to him that no one is going to pay big bucks for a broken gun that he only paid $10 for in the first place. I figured I'd give him a little dignity and the courtesy of accepting his well-meaning offer with a little bit of grace (and not even ONE obscenity).

When all is said and done, I still have most of the china still intact and a really great story to tell his children as payback. The hardest thing will be finding someone to replace the piece of glass from the cabinet, but I am figuring any glass place will probably be able to do that. Meanwhile, until I actually get around to taking it to be fixed, I point it out to all who enter our house and tell them about my horrible, non-rule following child and ask that they chastise him as much as possible, so he won't forget what a dope he was. I feel that this seems to be working quite well - even better than a punishment or making him pay for the damage. The guilt and shame are now never-ending, as we always have numerous people marauding through our home on a daily basis. He is getting quite tired of trying to defend himself and I believe he is finally coming to terms with the fact that this was one BIG mistake, as well as the fact that he is wondering if he will ever be able to move on and leave "the incident" behind him. Yes, I am awful. I truly take sheer pleasure in this. I suppose that the time is coming that I will actually have to let him move on and do the same myself, but until then, I will enjoy every second of his guilt and shame. I mean, what are parents for??

Our leachfield saga continues, and Mother Nature is still messing with us. Could this be along the same lines as what I am doing to Eldest Cherub? What Goes Around Comes Around?

We have finished all the treatments and things were looking up. We had a 4 - 5 day stretch of sunshine that seemed to be doing a great job of drying things out. I actually did 3 loads (out of about 13) of laundry the other day, in the comfort of my own home. (I had the dryer fixed shortly after my last post about our Septic Issues) I stopped after 3 because our "expert" had advised us not to go too crazy with the laundry on a daily basis because we needed to give the field a break. He said 2 - 3 loads max, preferably every other day, for a while. Who can live like this, I ask? I will be about 4 years behind in laundry at this rate. Anyway, like I said, things seemed to be looking up and then it happened. Another deluge. Inches and inches of rain. After sending Eldest Cherub out to check the soggy factor in the yard - I asked him because he owes me you know :D - his report was not good. "Yup mom, it's like surfing the waves again." GGGRRRREEEAAAATTT!

But, the sun did come back out and I hoped beyond hope that this could just be surface rainwater and our issue was solved. And it could be, but I may never know. Because my friends, as I sit and write this, I am listening to the rain, yes, the rain, pouring down. They say about 6 inches tonight. Isn't that lovely? Well, I am stressing just thinking about it and there is really nothing I can do.

Ssssooooo . . . I guess I will bid you all sweet adieu, I have a child I need to go torment. Just Kidding.


Anonymous said...

I think you did an awesome job! A lot better one than I could have dreamed of doing. The whole not using any obscenities gets me every time!

Chris said...

Well, I think you are Super Mom. You handled all that so well... especially considering all the extra stress the leachfield is causing you. I'm so sorry about the extra rain.

Until we got our sewer line fixed, the sound of a raindrop hitting the roof could keep me awake all night.

Hang in there.